Thursday, October 23, 2003

Deepavali is upon us. I wish all my indian friends a very Happy Deepavali. May all the goodness in life come to you and may you embrace it with happiness and tranquility. Yayaya, so maybe it's a bit lame, but it's the thought that counts ok ;)

I have no mood to do my work. Not that I have much to do anyway. Things have been pretty slowly lately. Furthermore, the fasting month is approaching. And we'll start to see all our muslim friends fasting, and we have to be careful not to eat/drink in front of them, not to tempt them with good food etc. And we'll also see our famous government departments all giving us the "puasa, tak larat buat kerja" look. Right right... I've seen them snacking away in their private little cubicles, tucked away at one corner of the office, munching away and chit-chatting like nobody's business. Puasa puasa... No offence to muslims out there, but this is what some of your compatriates are doing during puasa month. Ironic isn't it?