Tuesday, April 20, 2004

10 Million Smackeroos
What would you do with 10 million bucks? How will you spend it? Will you save it? Will you spend it all on luxury items? Will you give some to charity?

This was the topic on Mix.fm with Richard & Shazmin today. Lotsa callers had very interesting ways of how they might spend the 10 million smackeroos. One guy said he'll keep a few million. Out of that few million, 2 million will go to his grandkids... his own kids will have to work for their own million. The balance will go to his church. One guy lagi best, split the 10 million to 3.3, 3.3, 3.3... he gets 3.3, Richard & Shaz each get 3.3. So cool. Which led to me to thinking... what would I do with 10 million bucks...

1) Pay of whatever debt/loan I have (actually, 200K oso enough to cover the loan. Got balance summore)
2) Buy more property! LOL Investment bah!
3) Get a better car (Toyota would be nice)
4) Put a few million in the FD (let it generate interest lah. Can use as retirement/holiday fund)
5) Set aside a few million as trust fund if I have kids later.
6) Give to charitable organisations (i.e: AIDS foundation, Cancerlink, dialysis centres, orphanage... etc)

No, I won't stop working. Need to work the brain ler. I feel that if a person were to stop working, slowly you'll feel lazy and useless. You gotta keep the brain active you know, and not just let it rot away. Maybe some people will feel that wow... 10 million bucks ok! No need to work liao! But I can't do that ler... maybe I'll quit my existing job, but I will try my hands on something else. Maybe open a nice boutique or something... cafe possibly. You can see from my list, spending on luxury items is not listed. That's because I feel those are secondary stuff, not really important. If I have any extra cash left, then maybe I will indulge in something expensive. What about you... what would you do if you had 10 million bucks? Tell tell... :D