Thursday, April 22, 2004

Former Miss Malaysia (not me lah!)
A few years back, one of our former Miss Malaysia was living 2 floors below me (next to the old man). I don't wanna use her real name here, so let's just call her "Eyebags". Now Eyebags was living with her boyfriend (dunno today still together or not lah). Her boyfriend's a film director in a local production house, dealing with tv commercials and such. One of those so-called artisitic people lar, so his dressing is quite bapok. Sometimes see him in long sleeve shirt, those na-ying type, to show his hairy chest... nia seng, like ah kua only. Shit, I'm beginning to talk like Dr.Liew!!! LOL

Eyebags is quite lanky in height. I don't really consider her pretty lor. Ok only lar. She walks funny too, like her legs are too long. And she hunches... how did she get to represent Malaysia I dunnolar. Plus she has massive eyebags! Really puffy ones too. Like her eyes kena tumbuk macam. Water retention? She drove a green Satria while her ah kua boyfriend drove an Opel 4WD. I don't see Eyebags that often, eventhough we live in the same block. Probably during her stay in the condo, I've seen her less than 10 times. I've seen her by the pool once or twice before... since her unit is right in front of the pool. Open the patio and the pool is a few feet in front (she's staying on the ground floor). She'll be in her black bikini, sitting on the pool chair and reading her book, suntanning her skinny body... while her ah kua boyfriend will sit next to her and rubbing her thighs or what not.

What I don't like about her is her goddamn fake accent. I think Eyebags was a host for dunno what local programme... forgot the name lar. Aiyo, the accent was so terribly teruk. What was she trying to portay herself? Dah jadi Miss Malaysia, kasi cakap English macam orang putih? One time, she came up to my floor and was banging on my door and ringing the doorbell. Basket, got doorbell for you to ring, you ring it lar. Why you bang bang the door like siao-poh? I opened and saw Eyebags, her expression was quite displeased with something. Then she opened her mouth and spoke in her dumb accent... "Do you know where this thumping sound is coming from?" I replied "Its not from my house... it's coming from upstairs..." Eyebags started rolling her eyeballs and waving her hands in the air and exclaimed "It's SO irritating you know!" and marched back down to her floor. I called my neighbour up and inquire what the sound was. Apparently the maid was thumping some spices and the "thumping" sound was irritating the shit out of Eyebags. Eyebags, you're 3 floors down... cannot tolerate meh? I am like right underneath and I haven't even said a word! The thumping's not very loud, and it's only gonna be for a short while, not 24/7.

Anyway, I don't know when, but eventually Eyebags and her ah kua boyfriend moved out. I didn't know when they moved out, but when I realised they had moved out, the unit's been vacant for a couple of months. Talk about knowing your neighbour LOL. Now the unit's been occupied by a nice malay lady with her daugther & grandma.