Monday, April 26, 2004

Mini Skirt Kicks In
Remember mini skirts? Short short skirts that exposes a woman's legs (at least until the upper thigh)? Remember how you had to be careful not to bend over too much, or risk exposing more than just your legs (maybe blue satin panties)? Well, I think the mini skirt fashion is back. I was in 1Utama last Saturday and quite a few boutiques were selling them minis. Also saw a considerable amount of young women wearing the mini. Most of the minis I saw were the flare kind, kinda like cheerleading skirts with pleats.

Now the problem is not the mini skirt alone. It's actually the person wearing the mini skirt. You see, I saw quite a number of girls with THUNDER THIGHS wearing the cute mini skirt. OMG you exclaimed! A sight for sore eyes you may say. Yes, I agree with you whole heartedly. The skirts were the really short type, which is ok if the girls have nice shapely legs to boot. But couple the skirt with THUNDER THIGHS and you're liable to get severe eye inflamation. I'm sorry if the statement sounds malicious, but it's a fact. Mini skirts are meant to show lotsa legs. So, unless you've got nice legs to boot, please please spare the thousands of eyes from the agony. It's not just the THUNDER THIGHS, it's also the CELLULITE. Thunder thighs, cellulites and mini skirts are a big No-No. They don't match one bit. The sight of such bad combination is enough to make a person regurgitate his/her breakfast, lunch and dinner all together. If you're gonna wear a mini skirt, make sure you work out and tone those legs before slipping into one. A mini skirt is suppose to look funky and cute, not disgusting. And if you've got skinny legs, don't even attempt to wear the mini skirt cos you'll look like a lamp shade with 2 twigs underneath. Think scarecrows.