Friday, April 23, 2004

Tolong! I Can't Open The File!
AE: "I can't open the file the copywriter saved in my folder lah."

Me: "Are you sure? He saved it as a Word document for you wor."

AE: "Eh, betul. I cannot open it. When I double click, all the words lari. You tak percaya you come to my PC"

Me: "Ok ok... I'll follow you down..." *trots down the stairs*

AE: "There... you tengok..." *points to icon*

Me: *looks at icon and grin* The file is a .txt file. The copywriter saved 2 formats: .txt and .doc. Apparently the AE double clicked on the .txt file and prompted Notepad to open, hence the copy was all jumbled up. So she defined it as "cannot open file"

Me: "Look here..." *points mouse at file, right-click > Open with > Microsoft Word *file miraculously opens with format & spacing all*

AE: *eyes wide open* "Waahhh!!! You mean just like that ah? So everytime I oso open like that lar?"

Me: *smile* "Yeah, you can do that."

AE: "Okie... you so pandai... *giggles*"

Makes you wonder how these people can get jobs... *geleng kepala*

*AE - Account executive