Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Astro's Price Hike Is Bullshit!
The recent news about Astro's price hike (effective May 24th, 2004) has gained lotsa grounds, especially from the Chinese newspapers. I can't read chinese, but I got the news after reading PPS. It's outrageous I tell you. Already we are paying a monthly fee just to watch programmes, and now the people in Astro feels that it's time for another price hike! WTF! What was the point you guys got yourself listed in the first place? More revenue rite? Well, you got the revenue, so why are you still passing the buck to your customers? It's not like your service is THAT great anyway. When it rains, I can't watch TV. At least with TV3/NTV7 all, I can still watch ler. You get so much of revenue from the market, advertisements all, yet you still want to hike the price. And after the price hike, can you guarantee that your service will be better?

Yes, you're bringing in more new channels, but for each new channel you bring in, your customers have to pay EXTRA just to enjoy the new channel. That means aside from paying our usual monthly subscription, we have to PAY EXTRA just to watch channels like Box Office. Man, you guys are really digging into our pockets huh? It just gets deeper and deeper. Like blood suckers, sucking on and on until the very last drop. Suck until you just can't suck no more... very vampire-rish eh?

My family subscribes to Astro. True, it has provided families with various programmes all these years. Yes, I can understand that nothng is free is this world anymore, and if we want something, we'll most likely have to pay for it. But hiking up our Astro subcription is not the answer. Imagine, most familes probably pay about RM100 a month to watch Astro (I'm referring to packages like News, Sports, Dynasty, Learning, Movies... not including stuff like Box Office, wrestling, Shuang Xing). Astro subscribers are increasing (they have hit the 1 millionth mark, haven't they?), which means more revenue. We're helping Ananda Krishnan get richer and get himself listed in the top 10 of Forbes *sarcasm intended*

Extra-terrestial TVs have been improving greatly. NTV7, 8TV, Channel 9... I've been told they're doing a good job. I can't tune in to 8TV or Channel 9 right now (our central aerial a bit siao-siao), but if Astro keeps increasing their prices, might as well boycott and cancel subscription. After all, I still have the internet *wink*. Oh... and there's always sex to kill time... BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

*Note: The above entry is entirely my own opinion. I'm not siding anyone.