Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Bad Driver... Bad Bad Driver...
My bf and I encountered a bad driver today while on the way to work. Some bald guy in a champagne-coloured Mercedes Benz. We were on the Sprint Highway, traffic was suprisingly quite smooth today (it's only Tuesday you know). So we were behind this champagne-coloured Merc, and noticed the way the car was like swerving from side to side, at times going real slow. My bf can get a wee bit impatient behind the wheel, so he attempted to overtake the guy, or at least go to the right lane. When we got on to the right lane and overtook the Merc, I turned to see what the hell tha driver was doing. You know what that bugger was doing? He had his hands-free on, which is ok. The worst part was he had a piece of paper on the steering wheel and was writing on it! WTF!!! You're writing while driving! Do you realise what danger you're causing? To your life and of other motorists on the road? WTF!!! He was writing and driving at the same time, hence he drove at 50kph & kept stepping on the brakes.

Later, the Merc cut into the right lane (the right lane turns into Section 17 from the Sprint highway). We were unfortunately behind him again. It looked like he stopped writing, which is good news. The traffic light has 2 green lights: one pointing straight and the other pointing right. The green lights come on together, but so happened the right green light wasn't working today. But common sense will tell you to move/turn right, otherwise the other drivers behind you will honk at you. That dumbass obviously failed his lesen memandu cos when the green lights came on, he didn't budge. He moved a little, then slammed on the brakes repeatedly. WTF!!! My bf and the many cars behind him honked so many times before the bald guy actually moved. He couldn't care less about the other cars behind him. He should be shot! Muahahahaha *evil laughter* But on a serious note, that's wreckless driving, and such drivers should be penalised heavily.