Monday, May 17, 2004

Sleepy Monday
*yaaawwwnnn* Excuse me for yawning, but man... Mondays always have this effect on me (and to many other city dwellers I suppose). Weekend took an unsual turn when my mum was admitted to SJMC - appendicitis. I know, minor procedure. What made me wonder was how come when I took my mum to the clinic on Saturday evening, the GP said it was gastric instead? And said my mum had a lot of wind in her tummy. Hmmm... Cos my mum was feeling as though her tummy was bloated, and felt some pain under her rib cage. Anyway, my mum will be discharged from the hospital later today evening :){{{{{ HUGS }}}}}

Yesterday's badminton game was awesome!!! Woohoo China!!! Smash them white men!!! Send them packing!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA *evil laughter* Lin Dan was so damn cool! Bao Chun Lai was at first playing like shit! All the mistakes he made... aiyo. But at least he made a come back to sweep the match. I didn't watch the 2nd doubles, was too tired after coming back from the hospital and finishing up the house chores. The Indonesians must be crying... hehehe...