Saturday, June 19, 2004

AilgMAY Inviteway
This contest is only open for those who DON'T have a GMail account. Please play fair, if you already have a GMail account, skip this contest. Give others a chance. First 2 to correctly decipher every word of the message wins, so hurry now. Dateline: 25 23 June 2004, 5pm (+GMT 8 hours). Email your answers to Please include your name & country of origin ok. Entries without proper information will immediately be discarded. DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR ENTRIES BY LEAVING IT IN THE COMMENTING SYSTEM. If you do so, you will automatically be disqualified. TQ.

Eingbay away enerousgay oulsay, I'veway ecidedday otay ivegay awayway 2 AilgMAY inviteway. Utbay ofway oursecay, ithway away allsmay ontestcay ahlay. Ehehehehay... Othingnay ootay ifficultday, orfay Iway amway away enerousgay oulsay. Itway ouldn'tway ebay icenay otay akemay ingsthay osay ifficultday orfay eoplepay, afterway allway, Iway amway oingday isthay ontestcay outway ofway urepay unfay andway aughterlay. I'mway otnay onnagay ebay oneway ofway osethay atthay illway ebay osay anipulativemay asway otay ellsay ethay invitesway inway eBayway. Isthay isway afterway allway, away ebway-asedbay emailway, ichwhay isway eantmay otay ebay eefray orfay everyoneway. Ofway oursecay Iway ouldcay ellsay allway ymay invitesway andway erhapspay akesmay omesay astfay ashcay, utbay ahhnay. Ywhay otnay ustjay avehay omesay innocentway unfay ightray? Osay, ifway ouyay ancay ecipherday isthay essagemay orrectlycay, ou'llyay etgay ethay inviteway. Easeplay otenay atthay isthay ontestcay isway onlyway openway otay osethay atthay on'tday avehay away AilgMAY accountway. Ifway ouyay alreadyway avehay anway accountway, ogay awayway ahlay. On'tday ebay osay iasukay. Ivegay othersway away ancechay armay. Ohway, anotherway ingthay. Alsoway includeway atthay ethay ersonpay ivinggay outway esethay invitesway isway actuallyway away eryvay eryvay icenay irlgay, ithway away earthay ofway oldgay andway away eatgray ersonalitypay! AHAHAY! Okway, I'mway ustjay eingbay eekychay erehay. Isthay ontestcay isway openway otay anyoneway aroundway ethay orldway atthay ouldway ikelay away AilgMAY inviteway aryay, otnay ecessarilynay eoplepay omfray ymay ountrycay. Osay avehay unfay andway avehay away icenay ayday.