Friday, June 18, 2004

Yes, thank god it is Friday. What a week... Now I'm feeling rather sleepy. The weather's not helping much too. And my colleague is spreading his yawning disease!!! LOL. *yyyaawwwnnnn* On days like these, I just wanna lie down on my soft soft bed, hug my pillows, and dream away...

I have hamsters at home, and sometimes I like watching them when they're asleep. I think they have hamster dreams too... cos sometimes, I see their mouths and paws moving :P It's so funny & cute at the same time. Their eyes will be shut tight, but their mouths are as though they're nibbling onto something, their nose twitching and paws will be like they're holding onto some food. How adorable huh? Wonder what are they dreaming of... a garden full of fresh sunflower seeds & grains perhaps? I read in a pet forum that when hamsters die, they all go to a place called "The Rainbow Bridge". Over there, are many many other hamsters who've previously passed on to the other world. The place is paved with sunflower seeds and grains, and all the hamsters are very happy and jumping around, playing with each other. How sweet :)