Friday, July 9, 2004

Freaking Jobs + People
The AEs here are about to become roadkill really soon. The way they handle their time management, my gawd! Everything is last minute, and they expect the job done with a click of the mouse. Eh, fuckers, use your brains ok. You can't even decide what you want to put in the demo, and you expect we do the job for you on schedule. WTF! And you want EVERYTHING inside it. Hello, it's only a demo... D-E-M-O. Faham apa tu demo tak? And worse, you forgot the login & password to access the mock account... Bagus Bagus... and you expect us to get our job done without any materials.

I got fedup with them yesterday. I modified the screenshots from what I managed to capture yesterday. It had all my information instead, so I had to manually copy, paste, modify everything to create a mock account. "How ah... the client gave me this ID & password, but cannot go in.." Well screw the client lar! if I keep on waiting for YOU to do the job, dinosaurs will roam our lands again. I took matters into my own hands and redirected the job. I used my own screenshots (modified ones), and created a mock account to be used in the demo. "Oh, you managed to login ah?" No, I had to MODIFY cos your information was useless. In fcat, you had No information at all. So I decided which screenshots to use, and the AE got pissed cos she wanted EVERY SCREENSHOT to be in the demo. Eh, bugger... today is already Friday. You fucking promised the client Monday afternoon. Where got time to do everything? Plus we're only doing a sample. So a quick flow can lah. She wanted everything inside, every single screenshot I got. I said NO... because some shots are redundant and it makes no sense to put every single shot in the demo cos we'll be putting speech bubbles to explain. She got pissed and toss the papers on the table and walked off. Fine, we'll do it MY WAY. *pppffffftttttt*

Man, I'm looking forward to leave this shit hole...