Monday, July 12, 2004

Please Please... Gimme Chance...!
I caught the Malaysian Idol yesterday, by accident actually. Once again I didn't know the programme was on, and my dad was just flipping the channels :P Oh, cool! Something for me to laugh at (now everyone's a critic ya :P).

There were some good ones, some bad ones, some extremely bad ones as well. I believe there were some that did have some talent, but most of them... well... so-so. Maybe they were nervous, stage fright, I don't know. But many had jitters and made several mistakes. Take the scene where the guys were made to form groups of 3. Boy, they sucked. No coordination at all. Many (if not most) forgot their lyrics or sang totally out of key. I remember the Penang chap with the shakey voice. He totally freaked out. Anyway I didn't think of him as much of a singer, I think he's trying to hard, especially the "shakey voice" effect. And another malay chap kena bambu nicely from the judge. "What's wrong with you! Get out!" Ooooohhh... ouch! At least the girls did a much better job as groups of 3.

Then came the elimination round. Penang guy says bye bye with one soppy goodbye song complete with the shakey voice effect (eewww, please stop it). Some were happy (esthetic!) to be able to make it to the next round, some were extremely sad over the elimination. But it doesn't stop there cos the very next morning, there would be another elimination round (gasp!). Many were having sore throats due to all the singing (poor things). They also didn't have enough sleep, baggy panda eyes all coming out on their pretty faces. Out of 50 hopefuls, only 30 will be selected. Young malay chap did a bad job in rendering the song he selected. He totally went off-key, wasn't singing to the music, was singing in a flat tone despite given the chance to sing again. Young chinese gal also flunked it, she forgot the lyrics, was given a 2nd chance but blew it as well. She pleaded for another chance, but was politely told to leave.

So now we're down to 30... 33 actually, cos the judges decided to call 3 more hopeful who were previously eliminated to come back and join the top 30, hence making it 33. Reason being the judges felt the 3 deserved another chance cos they (the judges) say something in them. I also remember seeing this particular malay chap with the goatie, he's pretty good. There was also this ah-beng character, with blonde hair, cool shades, really lanky character. Hehe... so ah-beng :P I think he was also trying too hard at times.

To all those who didn't make it into the next rounds, don't cry. There's more to Malaysian idol you know. Maybe your talent lies elsewhere. Life doesn't stop at Malaysian idol alone. Ask yourself if you're prepared for all that, and the unexpected. Being a superstar ain't all that fun either. It's lotsa hard work, commitment, sacrifices, possibly scandals as well. One day you could be a superstar. The next day you could be just a has-been. That is the life of an Idol.