Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Why are some women just so dumb? Why ah? Why ah? Can someone explain to me why some women are so blardy stupid or not? Stupid biatch. I already sent over the files long ago. And you're asking me to send the same files again! Harlo, check your email lah, bodoh. Summore have the nerve to tell me the files I sent over are not those she requested. Harlo, you asked me to create the buttons for you according to the list, and I did just that lar, cheebai. Now you're telling it's not what you asked for? I have half a mind to stuff a flag pole up your ass right now.

Pukimak chow cheebai. Go fuck yourself silly in front of the mirror lah! High maintenance chick like yourself only know how to party all night long and talk cock!