Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday = Yoga!
I look forward to Fridays. Not only does it mean the weekend is just around the corner, it's also my regular yoga session with some neighbours. I'm beginning to enjoy yoga, really I am :) Sure it's tiring with all the stretching, but hey, I feel good after each yoga session!

The instructor is a young chap who learnt yoga at an early age. Hence, he is soooOOoooo flexible! Geez! How does one twist his/her body is such a manner! Some of my guy neighbours, men being men... commented that if a guy can stretch like so, then the guy is gay. Geez! How did they came to such a conclusion, I really don't know lar. Or maybe they're merely jealous cos they themselves can't stretch like that, plus the fact most of them have "tou lums" !!!! AHAKS!!!

The first yoga session was particularly difficult for me. That's because I've never had any yoga lessons before. All I know of yoga is breathing and stretching :P But hey, I survived and enjoyed it. Eventhough I play ping pong and squash, yoga was completely different for me. Lotsa breathing (and breathing correctly!), streching, bending etc. And man, I really sweat it out! My entire body is sweating, even the surface of my fingers are wet! I had never expected to sweat so much during yoga. Heck, I don't remember sweating so much when I play squash or ping pong (and when I play sports I do run quite a bit!).

Yoga's the craze now. And hubby told me during lunch that anything to do with fitness and health will be latest craze in the years to come.