Monday, September 18, 2006

From Mat Rempits to Mat Patah
These Mat Rempits are so full of crap. "Give us a real race track! Then we won't terrorise the road users!" What a bunch of lousy motherfuckers! Who the fuck do they think they are? Just because they ride they laubeh kapchais at break-neck speeds, they want to push the government to build them race tracks for their "rempit-ness"! Ptui!

The government build roads to connect point A and point B. The roads are not meant for racing. You want to race, go to a proper race track. Shah Alam Batu Tiga has one, so does Sepang. There venues were built for the purpose of racing. You Rempits have a proper place to race, you're just too cheap to pay to use it! You Rempits rather race on the roads cos you don't have to pay for it! That only shows how full of crap you guys are! And when you get knocked down, you blame other people for knocking you down!

If I encounter a Mat Rempit on the road, seriously, I will avoid you guys. But if you guys break the rules and ride recklessly and cause me as a road user, to knock you down, believe me when I say I will show no mercy nor guilt for knocking you down. Cos you Rempits deserve to break a leg or limb for your reckless stunts. And after the accident, you will be called Mat Patah, cos by then you would've broken a leg, an arn or maybe even your neck.

Mat Rempits - a bunch of fucked up oxygen wasting morons with brains the size of a pea.