Thursday, September 7, 2006

1) Goodbye Steve Irwin - The crocodile hunter is not invincible as much as his fans would like him to be. And Monday's accident was prove that Steve was still a human being, vulnerable to anything. He was a very good public figure, educating people (kids especially) about saving the wildlife and promoting his cause. I respect him for that. But what I don't respect about him is, a lot of times (this is purely my opinion ok *wears flamesuit*) I think Steve thinks he has total control over the animals and takes the control for granted. Like how he was feeding the crocs while holding his baby boy in one hand. I mean WTF! Kinda like Wacko Jacko dangling his baby outside the window. I'm sure Steve thought he had total control over the croc and the situation. Never the less, that croc is still undoubtly a wild animal. You can never, ever, EVER have total control over a wild animal. One quick swipe of the croc's tail and you're a goner. So many times Steve has practically taunted the crocs. I thought it was a matter of time before some croc sink its teeth into Steve for good. Sometimes, I think Steve has no respect for the animals too... cos he taunts them.

2) Suri Cruise - The baby girl of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Suri doesn't look much like Tom or Katie hor? Suri looks like she has asian features. LOL!!! A fellow colleague said Suri looked like Ella from the Taiwan girlband S.H.E XD. And in the photo soon to be published in Vanity Fair, Suri's supposed to be like, 4 months old? It's odd, thought, cos I think the whole world knows Tom has a low sperm count, and had previously adopted 2 children while married to Nicole Kidman. So all this while, with Nicole tadak. But he strikes it with Katie? Hmmm... Miracle eh? Let's see, we have a fruit (Apple - Gwenath's kid), we have a Messiah (Shiloh - Brad & Jolie's kid), what other fancy names can you think of?

3) Dukun - A new malaysian movie, supposedly based on the Mona Fandey case a few years ago. Funny thing is, in the website it says "based on a true story", but when interviewed, the production house denied. Apa ni? Wanna do a movie, do it properly lar. Say one thing today, then say something else tomorrow. I saw the trailer too, sure is freaky. So what if the movie is based on a true story? Nothing wrong with that because that's what happened mar. Black magic happens in many countries ler.

4) Britney Divorcing? - About time she did so lar. From day one oredi know that Kevin guy sucks to the core, still want to marry him. He got another girl pregnant and dumped her, and you stupidly fell for him. And what's he doing now...? Probably flirting and bonking other girls too. Tsk...

5) Lindsay Lohan look like a truck ran over her - Yes, that's what I think of her lar. Probably all the partying and wildness, giving her major complexion problems.She looks so haggard, and she's still so young only. I guess it's a norm for all young stars. Finding fame at such a young age, you're naturally exposed to the high life of Hollywood and sometimes lose yourself completely. Sad isn't it?