Monday, September 25, 2006

Jewellery Shopping
Yesterday, hubby and I were at 1Utama doing some light shopping. By light I mean window shopping, buying essential stuff (like my solution for my contact lenses and bla), and just walking and enjoying the free air-conditioning. Our other main purpose was also to get a nice piece of jewellery for hubby's soon to be sister in-law.

Hubby's younger brother is getting married next week and in Sg Petani, it's kinda customary for the elder siblings to give the new bride some jewellery and angpow as a token of welcoming her into the family. So we set aside X amount for the angpow and jewellery and went back to the same outlet (Clarity by Wah Chan) we got our wedding rings from (got VIP card mar, can get 10% off any jewellery and collect points at the same time).

Hubby had left the jewellery selection to me (since I'm a girl wor...), so I had in mind something simple like a necklace or a pair of earrings for the sweet bride. I picked a nice necklace which had a small diamond encased in it, well within the budget we had set :) While waiting for the salesgirl to pack and print the receipt, I sat down and was browsing the selection of diamond earrings. Had thoughts of getting a small one before :PpPpP You know, something small and simple, solitaire diamond earrings... Just a thought lah.

"Dear, what do you think of this one? Nice ah?"

"Why? Wanna buy ah?"

"Nolar, saje see only..."

"Lemme see the price tag first... *price tag was hidden behind the case*... I think it's RM 1,+++..."

"Oic... *thinks that maybe that's the usual price for diamond earrings of that small size* ..."

"Eh wait... I think it's RM 11,+++!!!"

"What?! Sure or not 11,+++?!? It's only a small diamond lehh...."

"Yalar, it's 11,+++ lah... *sweat*... "

The salesgirl then came and asked if she could help us. I asked her to bring the pair of 11K diamond earrings out cos I had to see if the price tag was really 11K. True enough, the figure printed was RM 11,+++!!! *pengsan*. She explained that solitaire diamonds normally cost more, plus the cut of the diamond was some canggih-fied dunnowatchamacallit type. "Try it lar, no obligations to buy wan" ... So I tried it on lor... After discount the price stood at over 4K (now we know they mark up so blardy much!). Phew! The salesgirl took out a few more pairs and let me try them. There was another pair of solitaire diamond earrings which was similar to the 11K one, just that it had 3 legs and the size of the diamond was smaller. Price tag after discount, RM 1.2K. It was quite nice really, and hubby said it looked nice on me too :P

Our receipt was finally printed and the necklace we bought was nicely packed in a sweet pink box and placed in a small paper bag. We thanked the salesgirl for her nice customer service and of course she did try to convince us to get the earrings as well lar (sales marrrr), but we said we'll think about it first lah.

*Note: Lou gung, if you're reading this, no I'm not hinting anything ok. Honest. I tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth XD