Friday, September 15, 2006

Mat Rempits Deserve No Shits
I was reading The Star Online this morning and found it so amusing (in some cases absolutely hilarious!) that the Mat Rempits of this country are seriously defying the police and the law. These street racers are actually demanding that the government should build them proper race circuits in order for them to indulge in their dangerous, adrenalin pumping sport. Gee, I thought we had proper race tracks in Shah Alam and Sepang already...

"The existing racetracks are inaccessible to the Mat Rempit because we cannot afford the charges" - Well, if you can afford the charges, then don't bloody race. The tracks are already in place and they cost millions of tax payers money to build. If you can't bloody afford it, then don't bloody complain and make stupid demands.

"As for the organised races, the competition is too tough for us" - Another stupid statement from another stupid Mat Rempit. If your skills aren't up to par to race in proper races, I suggest you go home, dunk your stupid head in the toilet bowl and flush until your brains fall out.

"Why are there so many golf courses in the city and so few tracks? It looks like nobody bothers about us because we have no money" - Because golf courses are beautiful and attract tourists and golf players from all over the world to come to our country, thus increasing tourism and the country's revenue. We have the Shah Alam race circuit and the Sepang circuit, and Sepang Circuit is world class.

"There are among us graduates from foreign universities as well as professionals, like architects and engineers" - If you're an architect or engineer, surely you can afford to race in proper circuits then. So stop whining you morons.

"Like other sports, we can get emotional in a race. Sometimes fights break out. Then again, it is just among ourselves" - I beg to differ. You morons have been beating up civilians who you claim overtake your sibeh lauyar kapchais or accidentally knock you guys while you were racing illegally on the streets. You race illegally, kena langgar by motorist, and you beat up the motorist because he knocked you/your friend down. What justice is this?!?

All these Mat Rempits think they are so fucking cool in their kapchais and scooters. They probably have peas for brains. Illegally racing on the streets and highways, endangering not only their lives but of other road users as well. They deserve to be knocked down by cars and lorries for misusing the roads, all because they want that "adrenaline rush" to boost their fucking egos and get laid later. Now they are demanding that the government legitimise the sport and build them proper circuits. Why should the government listen to these bunch of trouble makers? Circuits are already in place, you bozos. Go there and have your thrill. If you can't afford it, then go ride off a cliff.

What a bunch of morons.