Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Teen Pregnancy
The recent highlight of the 15 year old teenager who lodged a false report of her 1 year old son going missing got the media and public really hyped up. After that loads of reports on teen pregnancy started popping up in the papers, with The Star Weekender running an article on teenage motherhood.

2 teens were featured, one who got herself pregnant after lust got the better of her (had her baby one month after SPM), and another even sadder tale of a 22 year old who had her first child when she was only 14 (she's now a mother to 7 kids, with an abusive husband and living in poverty).

This got me thinking... the world is definitely changing. Teen pregnancy is like a norm now. Some teens these days are probably humping way and not realise the consequences. I hope they know what they're doing. And I hope that should they decide to have sex, at least have protected sex.

I guess curiosity will always get the better of someone, let alone a hormone raging teen. Plus our education syllabus doen't help one bit about explaining anything about practising safe sex. All they do is tell you dry facts and hope the students will swallow them and not ask questions. Can't blame the teens for turning to other forms of media for information on sex. They have no where else to turn to to understand the subject.

Ignorance is what most teens these days are. Some are not even aware of the existance of STDs! Let's not forget peer pressure. He's doing it. She's doing it. So why can't I do it too? What can possibly go wrong? It's just one time. Can't be that unlucky wan... Sometimes, one strike is all it takes.

Abortion? Let me remind you that abortion is illegal in this country. Any doctor that performs abortion is going against the law here. And did you know that if you have too many abortions, you run the risk of never having able to have a baby, should you decide to settle down? Let's not forget all the other health complications that may come along.

Hormones. Lust. Curiousity. Peer pressure. Sex.

And society is not so nice to teen pregnancy. You will be frowned upon, people may treat you like some social outcast. Relatives will think you brought shame to your family. People will label you as some stupid brainless child to be pregnant before you're even ready. Things are a whole tougher for the girl as compared to the boy. The girl's the one who will have to go through all the emotional, physical and mental changes. Such a burden to a young soul.

To all the teenagers out there. Think twice before you commit yourself. Sex may be a fun thing. But it also comes with responsibilities. And when you strike the bulls eye, you can't turn back. Love is not all about sex. And having a baby at 15 is not fun.