Thursday, September 21, 2006

Western vs Traditional
This is the first time I've been sick so long. Bleeeehhhhh~~~~ I finally got some much needed sleep last night. I guess the chinese prescription also helped out a lot. I went to see a chinese physician last night. I guess I should've gone sooner...

Ah well, I went anyway and the chinese physician took a look at my tougue as well as felt my pulse. Looking at my tougue, he said the two yellowish stains on it indicated my body has some toxic built-up and my body is trying to release it. Must be all the western medicine I've been taking lah, eat so long but not getting better summore :( Plus he said I need to exercise more and sweat it out. Wahlau, my weekly yoga classes I already sweat like a cow, still not enough sweat huh? But then, I've skipped my ping pong training for almost 3 weeks liao.... due to the persistent cough... *sob sob*... Hopefully next week can resume my ping pong games *keeping fingers & toes crossed*.

I'm not condemning western medicine. In fact, it did help during the early stages when I fell sick. But after a while, there was no positive effect anymore, plus it made matters worse. So yea, chinese medicine does work miracles :D Now to build up my antibodies and "bou san". Tomorrow I'm gonna boil another round of bird's nest :P

Coming to the office today, kinda phobia oso. The air in the room I'm in... it's so stuffy and humid! Plus the fact some of my colleagues are also sick, so there are viruses flying around the place! Yikes! And I'm on the road to recovery tim! I feel like turning up to work in one of those lab outfits, you know... those with the full headgear, protective suits with the oxygen pipes sticking into the suit. Blek!!!! Office needs to be disinfected!!!!

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