Thursday, September 14, 2006

Having consumed so much of drugs, there's no doubt Oli's sane level has dropped a few levels XD Sometimes I can't even think or type right! Moreover, some of the alphabets on my keyboard has started to fade off. I've already lost the letter S and N, and losing letters A, M, C, B, E and one of the Shift key. Sigh~~~

I took MC yesterday, was hacking my lungs out. Was coughing so badly I couldn't stand up straight. Each time I cough, I had to hold on to a pillow and press it against my stomach and crouch down. My stomach muscles were in pain each time I cough. Not forgetting how my voice has changed over the pass few days... I'm lucky I don't sound like a man yet :P Plus my tastebuds are kinda numb oso... hai~~~~

Anyway, I'm getting better (I hope!), at least I feel better today lah. Looking forward to tomorrow's yoga class, sweat all the toxins out. Gotta remind myself to bring my white dress to the tailor to do some minor alterations. Got a few weddings coming up this month and next month tim! Plus tanglung festival is coming soon......!