Thursday, October 26, 2006

Now if you've been following my blog, you would've remembered some of my previous blog postings about how colourful my condo community is. It is further complicated by some old fucks who just love to meddle into anybody's business and expect every resident to give them "respect" and bow to their every whim... all because they are "older" and own one little unit in the condo.

The leader of this group of old fucks is Bucktooth (actually this fella has loads of nicknames, but Bucktooth suits him quite well cos even braces can't save his face). Many of us don't fully comprehend what goes on in his puny little bald head.

He's a rightful owner and resident, yet acts as if he owns the entire condo. He talks like some triad leader and is very boastful. He enjoys telling stories (or lies) about his acheivements and the many people he's connected too. No one is bothered to really find out if he's telling the truth, and we all know how some old people can be. They enjoy talking and making up stories just to get some form of attention. And you know what they say: The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

The worse part of Bucktooth is probably his ability to create problems, then come in as a hero to solve it. Ah yes, what better way to campaign for himself, eh? First you stir some shit, then you quietly leave and let others pick it up, then you come back in and say you'll find out who made that shit. Typical, eh? He's got all the makings of a two-faced politician ;)

Bucktooth has also made several enemies in the community. He just can't seem to stay out of trouble. Already a retired old man, and yet he just has to stir problems among the residents and act like some kind warlord. And the good part is, he has his own pack of cronies, people who like to create trouble just like Bucktooth himself. Actually, his cronies have grown much smaller because apparently there has been some internal conflict, resulting in some of his cronies leaving him to bite the dust. And Bucktooth will do what he does best. If you're not on his side, he'll do (or say) anything to tarnish your reputation.

Bucktooth is a disgrace to the senior citizens in this country. He has no respect for anyone (even for himself) and expect YOU to respect him. He acts like some triad leader and talks like one too. I think a lot of people wish he get beaten up one day. Maybe he should get  robbed/kidnapped one day, since he's been going around boasting he struck the lottery and got a handsome amount.