Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Condo Living
I know I've been ranting about some high profilers creating trouble within the condo community I'm living in. Do excuse me if the postings about Bucktooth and such bore you, it's just that condo living has been made complexed by the very existance of such characters.

Honestly, I like the condo community I've moved into. When we first saw the showunit, hubby and I fell in love with the layout of the place. Hence we paid the deposit and etc etc. On top of that we've made friends with some very wonderful people and have become close friends. A lot of times, condo living is very much dependant on the type of people living there. In our case, the people have been very friendly and close knit. We know we can always count on our neighbours to look after our house should we be away for a few days :)

Also, when it comes to festivities and such, it's really nice to see a big group of people, family and friends all coming together and just having a good time. Gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, like one big extended family under one roof.

The only drawback in the condo I'm in is... the existance of a bunch of old uncles who thinks they own every single piece of tile in the condo. Frankly, these guys are nothing but trouble. A couple of them are retired and with too much time on their hands, they would rather go around 'cari pasal' rather than enjoy their retirement and travel the world. Weird people you say? Oh, they're not weird. They're just eccentric. You know how some old people can be, they crave for attention. Unfortunately, this bunch has done some damage and is giving them quite a bad rep among residents.

They have a funny hobby too: First they cucuk someone, then when that someone comes and hentam them, they flatly deny it and say other people are conspiring against them. They just luurrrvvveee to get other people into trouble, be it residents, management, security guards, even the salon operating downstairs isn't spared. Tsk! Tak tau malu!

Old people... tsk... Why you so liddat...