Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Harlo? Harlo?
I absolutely detest it when people dial my number, only to find out they dialled the wrong number. Damn kau farn only. First you dialled my number which you thought was your friend or mistress's number. Then when I pick up the call, you keep saying "Harlo Harlo Harlo Harlo?" and nothing else. Then, realising you have dialled the wrong number, instead of apologising, you end the line. First you probably have limited vocab, and second you're being so bloody rude!

And some people, they are practically shouting on the phone! How I hate such people! "Haro! Meenachee ada ka!" or "Haro! Ah Seng ah!" . Why must you shout on the phone? Can't you speak nicely? Is there a need to shout?!?

And some dimwits will call you, but when you pick up the call, the caller keeps quiet. Mah fuck! Got guts to call no guts to answer ka? I had such an encounter before. The swine called me numerous times, and each time he/she will keep very silent. Until I beh tahan, told the swine off over the phone with my geng-chow use of profanities. The swine never called back liao :P *evil laughter*. Chicken shit...

If you dialled the wrong number, just apologise and put down the phone. No need to shout, no need to slam the phone. Some people really have no proper education... Tsk!