Tuesday, October 31, 2006

How caaaannnn?
How caaaannnn? How can you not recognise the song that was playing? You're only 3 years younger than me wei... Does that make me sound so much older than you? :P

You're still an 80s baby mar, so how can you not appreciate 80s music har? I can understand if that chilli padi next to you doesn't recognise some of the songs being played... but you? Shucks... How a few years can make such a difference...

I can forsee in the next 5 years or less, we're going to be lamenting how OUR generation grew up without mobile phones, without the internet and without Astro.Just like how the generation before us lamented on not having the things available today. The young generation these days would scratch their hands and see us as ancient beings roaming the earth. HAHA! What a cycle.

In the next 20 years, the generation then will see OUR generation as museum artifacts! What a way to be remembered... blek!