Friday, October 13, 2006

It's The Wedding Season!
A couple of wedding which we attended during the past couple of weeks. I was supposed to post these up last week, but I've been kinda busy in the office, hence the slight delay.

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Sept 30th, JW Marriot, KL - To Jek Hui & Alice, have a wonderful marriage and may you guys be blessed with many children in the near future! XD

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Oct 2nd, Sg Petani - To our new sister in-law, welcome to the Tan family :P And to my BIL, we're glad you've found the right girl and we wish the both of you nothing but happiness :D

Oct 8th, Tai Thong, Kepong - To hubby's neice (can't remember her name), have a blessed marriage from the both of us (no photos as I didn't bring my camera that night).

Got a couple more weddings coming up this month... tis' the season to go pokai... falalalalalalalala~~~