Monday, October 23, 2006

My Weight and Me (a love story)
I've always had trouble gaining weight. Don't ask me why lar, I donch know how to answer that question! I've always been on the very skinny side even during my younger days. The small petite, skinny frame jakun, and with spectacles to boot! Can imagine how I looked like hor? Like a freak! Freddy Gruger probably looked better! Blek!

Once my mum got concerned about my light weight, and dragged me to the doctor for a checkup. After the inspection, the good doctor gave me clean bill of health. Nothing wrong with me, I'm just underwight lor. But because I'm underweight, I get tired easily. Not enough fats to burn off, so I get burnt out real fast. Maklumlah thin people like yours truly got no energy to last long...

I'm thin. I've always been thin. Plus I'm not exactly the tallest person (I'm 5ft 2inches), but hey, I'm not a shorty either. I guess I'm just your average gal on the street :D The only diferrence is... I take a lot longer to gain weight than most people. And I can lose weight faster than I can gain them back! o.O

A lot of people will say "Aiyo, you so thin. Must eat more you know!" Oh boy, I've heard that line so many times, I can practically write a book about it. It's not that I don't want to gain some weight. I do want to gain some weight, at least I won't look so thin and I'll look better in clothes. It's just that weight gain is not something that can happen overnight for me. I really have to 'work' to gain any weight. By work I mean sexercise exercise.

Since the year started, my weight has been lingering at 40 - 42 kilos. Ok now, before some of you throw a brick at me, I was under 40 kilos during my high school years and that was eons ago. Do you realise how hard it was for me to reach the number 40 on the scale?!? It's a monumental task I kid you not! I weighed myself recently, and I'm 43 kilos right now. Woohoo! I'm very close to acheiving my target weight of 45 kilos! :D

Sometimes shopping for clothes can be tricky too. I have to be careful not to dress in anything that may make me look like a toothpick under a lamp shade. I have to be smart to find clothes that can accentuate whatever sexy curves I possibly have *HAHAHAHAHA* and enhance my body/boobs (if any) and buttocks (if any). Sometimes the piece of clothing I really like is not available in my size :( Ah well, trials and tribulations of life I guess.

If you were to ask me, yes I would much prefer to be skinny rather than obese. But don't think that being skinny is everything wonderful too. Skinny people also go through lotsa heckling and problems, the problems are not so obvious that's all.

Happy holidays y'all. I'll catch you guys after the Raya break. Salam Aidilfitri!