Monday, October 30, 2006

Of Rumours and Judgement
A close neighbour of mine recently asked if she could highlight my wedding blog in our condo newsletter, stating that some neighbours have asked her "who is oliviasy". Hah! People are actually asking about me! Fu-wah, glamour sangat XD

"Actually, some neighbours have heard some stories about you... stories about you being rude to another high profile neighbour..." my close neighbour said in her email to me.

Moi? Rude to a high profile neighbour. Fu-wah!

Frankly, I know who's the high profile neighbour my friend was referring to. And honestly, I don't see how I can be rude to him when I don't even have any interaction with him. Or perhaps it's one of his ways to taint my reputation. Then again, it is something this high profile neighbour is pretty good at. He has been going around spreading stories about anyone that's not on his side (several of my other neighbours are also in his blacklist).

Weird, isn't it? Going around telling stories and saying how others are mistreating you, when you yourself have been mistreating others. Honestly, I don't really give a damn about what he says about me cos his stories all take a different turn each time he tells it. If you're listening and taking in his words, then I hope you're smart enough to make your own judgement, and not let him determine how you should think.

Judge me only when you know me. Because if you don't know me, then you have no right to judge me.