Monday, October 16, 2006

Pink Ribbon
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The month of October happens to Breast Cancer Awareness month. I'm sure most of you would've caught the print-ad in the local dailies regarding the roadshows going on.

We all know breast cancer is the leading form of cancer in woman. Unfortunately, many women are also unaware of this fact. perhaps it's the typical human nature that makes us think such occurance will never happen to us, only to others. What we're not aware of is... we're all "other people" to other people.

Last week, the Pink Ribbon roadshow was in 1Utama, and hubby and I made our trip there (actually, I had mentioned to hubby that I had wanted to drop by the roadshow and find out more stuff about it). The booth was located in quite a strategic area, in the new wing and on the same floor with La Senza & Xixili (lingerie boutiques). There were a few women manning the booth, and several leaflets nicely stacked on the tables. A huge pin-up of Liz Hurley in a sweet pink sweater, advocating the public to support the cause, and also a set of silicon breasts on the table for the purpose of self breast examination demo.

Hubby and I stopped by the booth, got some leaflets, and the nice ladies at the booth taught me how to do my own self breast examination on the silison breast, as well as shared with me on some other useful pointers. Then I was to try examining the silicons breasts to "find the lumps". The first silicon breast had no lumps. The 2nd breast had benign lumps, and I found all 4 of them. The 3rd breast had cancerous lumps, and I found all 4 of the lumps again. So the nice ladies were very happy that I found all the lumps, which goes to show I had gotten the method to do breast examination correct :)

Before leaving the booth, the two nice ladies presented us with a pink ribbon each and we pinned it on our shirts. They also gave us extra pink ribbons so that we can share it with our friends.

This is the sad part: The whole time hubby and I were at the booth, not one person stopped to inquire about anything. Which got us suprised: Doesn't anyone care? I mean, is learning about breast cancer such a shy thing? You're learning to do self breast examination the right way, and there were people at the booth who are more than willing to share with you the correct method. Are you too shy to approach them to learn something that could possibly save your life? Are you too afraid to practise the method on some silicon breast, in full view of the crowd?

We were in 1U from 12pm to 4pm. During the whole duration, we did not see anyone else wearing the pink ribbon. Perhaps some people were unaware of the roadshow, or perhaps some choose to be ignorant about thoe whole thing.

The ladies at the booth were very happy when I told them I made my way to 1U for the roadshow, because to them, that means they're getting the message across to the public. I don't know how many people actually stopped by the booth that day, but I hope many of you stopped by and had a chat with the nice ladies and learnt something about breast cancer and how early detection can help save lives.

I've got my pink ribbon. Have you?

*Note: Breast cancer does not only inflict women. About 1% of men can get breast cancer. And breast cancer does not only affect the lives of women. It also affects the lives of the men in their lives.