Monday, October 9, 2006

Random Conversation
Oli : "How's the weather looking, dear?"

Hubby : "Mmmm..." *peeks outside window* "Doesn't look any better..."

Oli : Damn Indonesians! They should get hit by another tsunami for their pathetic actions!"

Hubby : "Eh, no need tsunami. Earthquake enough liao"

Seriously, what is the Indonesian government doing? Every year, their people are killing of the forest, burning everything to clear the land and causing much discomfort to everyone else in this part of the world. The haze is getting more serious every year. And what do the fuckers there do? Keep quiet, let their people keep burning and let the whole world keep cursing them and their future generation. Bloody fucking hell!

The earth should just open up and swallow Indonesia whole. No wait, cannot swallow whole. Cos the Sumatran islands act as a defence island for Peninsular Malaysia, should an earthquake or tsunami strike. Maybe the earth should just open and swallow the Indons whole. Yea, that's a better idea. After all, them Indons are a bunch of good for nothing organisms.

Yea I'm being mean. if your country was covered with thick smog like ours, and you'll be mean to the people causing the haze too. $#^&%*#^(@^*%$#(*(@!!!!