Thursday, October 19, 2006

Shark's Fin No More
October 2nd, 2006, Sg Petani. It was hubby's youngest brother's wedding, typical chinese 8-course meal. As always, the dinner started with the usual 4-season combination, followed by shark's fin soup and the rest.

While slurping the soup, I turned to hubby and said this would be my last bowl of shark's fin soup. I vow never to eat another bowl again. What made me decide to quit eating this delicacy, I really don't know. But I guess the crazy part of me just decided to stop eating it. Anyway, there's really nothing special about this dish other that it's made of plenty of starch. There really is nothing great about this dish at all. Sure in the olden days, this dish was for the rich and famous, and supposedly an aphrodisiac dish. Do you really believe that by eating shark's fin, your libido will get a boost? Get real people. You either can get it up, or you can't XD

I think the chinese will eat anything in this world. If there's anything thay can eat, they'll probably make up an excuse to eat it!

And if you've watched documentaries on how the fins are obtained, it's really sickening. The poor shark's fin is cut off from them (and they're still alive!), and the poor shark is tossed back into the ocean to die. Sad, isn't it? It's like removing a person's kidney while he's alive, then tossing the poor man into the streets to die. Urgh... Plus pregnant women are advised not to consume shark's fin soup cos of the high levels of mercury.

Hubby is supportive of my idea. And I told him he can have my share if he wants to. I'm not forcing him or anyone else to follow my actions. Hubby's been very supportive of me quitting the delicacy :) I don't know how much I can help with shark conservation, but it's a start from me :)

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