Thursday, October 5, 2006

Smog City
You wake up one fine morning, all ready to tackle the big bad world outside, only to be greeted by the *koff koff koff* *haaarrrkkk* goddamn haze.

WTF is wrong with those blardy neighbours of ours? Damn syok ka, burn all the forest down? So syok to play with fire, go burn your blardy house down lar. Chow chee bais never learn, only know how to cause more problems. And the worse part is, the problem becomes everyone's problems. Kanasai...

Already so many people are falling sick. Doctors everywhere are probably laughing all the way to the bank with so many sick patients waiting in queue to see them (and get MC if possible). Everyday citizens like you and me have to brave the thick smog to get to work. What are our politicians doing hor? Probably sitting their cosy little butts in fully air-conditioned room, equipped with some air sterilizer.

Stupid brainless neighbouring country. Good for nothing swines. Only know how to enter other countries and cause havoc. No wonder they have so many natural disasters.