Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Italiannies Rounding Up The Bill
After a hearty meal for two, we asked for the bill. The waiter came with the bill. The bill was RM XX. I had a glanced at the bill and thought that was the total amount, plus all the taxes. Hubby paid for the bill and we left.

We went home, and I was looking at the bill again... And realised Italiannies had actually rounded up our bill. The actual amount was RM X8.77... but the total amount stated on the bill was RM X9.

Italiannies got their math right... by rounded up the RM 0.77 to a full RM 1. Thus they pocketed an extra few cents from us.

Now why are they rounding up the bills, when we, as customers, are already paying the 10% service charge + 5% government tax? Who gave them the right to round up the bill?

Italiannies, that is a very low way to squeeze the extra cents from your customers. No doubt your food is pretty good and service is quite all right. But you have no right to round up the bill whatsoever. The amount may be very small, but it does add up when you do such to ALL your customers.

And it's not the money. It's about the integrity and reputation of the restaurant. You're cheating your customers in a very subtle way. And you cheated me and my hubby. Bad move.

The next time I dine at Italiannies, you can be sure I'll be making some noise there.

*Note: I've submitted a complaint to the Ministry of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs, as well as posted in the website. Please be made aware of such unscrupulous actions by some F&B establishments.