Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Some Updates
I know I know... I haven't been consistent in blogging for a couple of months liao. That's because I've been tied up at work, plus my seating position has not so good feng-shui mar XD Actually, busy is the key word ler. Year end, lotsa stuff to do. Plus lotsa activities.

Here's what Oli's been up to during the past couple of weeks:
1) Work
2) Work
3) Work
4) Work
5) Work
6) Winter Solstice dinner with family
7) Had neighbours over for some tong yuen dessert
8) Bought myself a PC (finally!)
9) Cat-sitting my sister's cat (poor kitty home alone)
10) Christmas eve steamboat buffet with neighbours (you can really see how Malaysians can be so kiasu when it comes to buffet! Fuiyoh, champions I tell you!)

Oh, Oli & hubby oso got ourselves a pair of fake Crocs XD 10 times cheaper than the original, and they're comfortable too!

Oli needs some retail theraphy~~~~