Friday, December 15, 2006

1) Seating arrangement in office was done a few weeks back. My new place is considered bad fengshui cos there's no solid support at the back XD

2) Christmas is coming. Going to buy hubby his new notebook backpack as a christmas gift. If I don't buy it, he won't get around replacing his worn-out bag :P

3) A close colleague of mine is leaving to join another company very soon. I wish her the very best!

4) Heard some updates that Bucktooth (remember him?) and his cronies have been up to no good again, causing a lot of distress among residents. Why oh why do such senior citizens act like pricks?

5) The sight of calamaries these days ain't that appetizing anymore XD

6) Past couple of weeks have seen new faces in the company. Hope they can contribute to the workload.

7) No more weddings to attend for the remaining 2006. Woohoo!!!

8) Looking to get my workstation real soon (calculating the parts now... $$$)

9) I need to do some shopping for new dresses. I've run out evening dresses for weddings!!! XD

10) We're cat-sitting for my sister's cat during the christmas break *meooowwww~~~* Not really cat-sitting, the cat's gonna be home alone (poor thing) so we'll drop by from time to time to check up on her :)