Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Caterpillar & My Curry Leaf Plant
Hubby and I have been trying to grow our very own curry leaf plant. Actually we got the plant a couple of months back from FIL back in Kedah. When we collected it, it was kinda scrawny with a few twigs and leaves XD

The plant as grown since, with  a few new branches sprouting out from time to time (whee!). It's quite exciting to the new shoots coming out from the top :D And the new shoots really grow fast! And I kinda figured out the trick to watering the plant... since curry leaf plants can't take too much water (that's the info I got from the net lah).

We're still amateurs when it comes to plants, hehe. Because during the first couple of weeks, we noticed the plant didn't grow nor did any new shoots come out. After some research, I found out that these plants don't really like damp soil (we've been watering it daily macam typical gardening style, haha!). So we stopped watering it for a week to see the progress and wa-lah! New shoots!

Just last week, hubby was checking out the 2nd phase of new shoots and found some of the leaves had little holes in them! KNNCCB! At first I thought the plant had spider mites (because I read curry leaf plants are susceptible to spider mites) and was like "OMG! Our poor plant gonna die!" And then hor, hubby found one tiny black caterpillar... crawling on one of the twigs!!!


@#%&* caterpillar! Hubby caught it and placed it on the floor. "Light a match and burn it!" I said. "PIIIIAAAKKKK!" Hubby flattened it with a slipper, spilling the guts and shit out from the culprit XD Thus the baddie died a horrible flat death. Muahahaha!

All is well :D