Friday, January 12, 2007

He Says, She Says
I caught's morning topic for a while yesterday morning, and the topic was on gender equality and whether or not it exist. I heard several callers (guys) that gave their honest opinion about the topic. I guess most guys believe that there is no gender equality. And I guess most females would disagree...

One guy said that there can only be one captain on a ship. Another said that women are always fighting to be equal but when it comes to problems, they expect a man to handle it. LOLOLOL!!!! XD All I can say... if they made those statements in a crowd full of women, the women will give them a good beating :P

Gender equality does not exist, that's my take on the topic. Seriously, gender equality? ROTFLOL!!! Men and women were not made to be equal in the first place. So why fight for gender equality? Some of you girls may not agree, but think about this. When people talk about gender equality, what comes to your mind? Anything a man can do, so can a woman? If a man can walk about with his shirt, so can a woman?

Sometimes I don't know why the women's group make such a huge fuss over equality. Burning bras to make their statement. What are they really fighting for? What are they thinking of when they fight for equality? If men and women were made to be equal, there wouldn't be any gender differences. The Gods should've only created ONE gender, one type of homosapien. That way, we wouldn't have all these "equality" statements today, right? Because everyone would be the same, everyone would be truly equal.

But that is not the case. We have men and we have women. Both men and women exist for different reasons. We're here to compliment each other. Now for men/women to think they are superior is a wrong perception, because no one really is better than the other. How do you define who's better and who's not? Such a subjective matter hor? There is no superiority between men and women simply because we exist for different reasons!

The term "superiority" exist because some quarters believe they are above all else. Hence there exist gender segregation and sexual harassment's. It's a very pathetic thought because no one is superior. Frankly speaking, if you think you're really superior, you wouldn't be born a human, hor?

Men should be taught to respect women. Women are not to be bullied. Men should not see women as some form of object to fulfill their lust and blahs. Men should not see women as the weaker sex.

Women, instead of fighting for equality, should be fighting for equal rights. The right to a proper education, to right to be treated fairly in the workplace, the right to be safe when walking on the streets, the right to receive medical attention when the need arises... Stop fighting to be equal. Fight for equal rights!

Equality and Equal Rights... Can you tell the difference? :)