Friday, January 5, 2007

The Price of Looking Good
I was reading this article in NST recently : Buying beauty: The cost of looking good -- RM1.2b

It was reported that Malaysian women start using cosmetics at the age of 14, and will continue to do so until they hit their 70s. And all the splurging will rake in a whopping RM 1.2b annually. Wow, that's quite a lot of ka-ching, hor? I'm sure the beauty industry are really happy about this report :D

Then there was another article about 3 women who won't be caught dead without make-up. All 3 uses cosmetics for different reasons: to look good, to boost confidence, to look sexy, to look younger etc.

It's only natural for any women to want to look good. Although a 14 year old with black eyeliner and dark red lipstick is kinda freaky... Heh! In some ways, cosmetics offer women a chance to "feel" better about themselves, at the point of being superficial sometimes. Cosmetics can make you look better... If only you know how to use them correctly. Splattering 6 eyeshadow colours on your eyelids and 10 coats of mascara won't make you look like Catherine Zeta Jones, girl. You gotta know what colours to use and what colours match your skin tone.

I've seen some horrendous makeup disasters before... Bright yellow eyeshadows matched with red lipstick. Or some women forgetting to apply foundation on their necks, hence a really contrasting face & neck. I bet you've seen some makeup disasters too, right?

And have you noticed some women will never be caught dead without makeup? They just have to plaster their face before stepping out of their houses. I've heard stories that if a woman is always with makeup, she will forever require makeup because the public can't accept her natural face XD

My beautician also told me, some women have darker eyelids because they've been using too much cosmetics (and possibly the not so good quality type). And because of the difference in pigmentation, these women have to reply on cosmetics to hide the flaws.

Aiiii... the price of looking good....

I use makeup too, but not everyday lah. At most, my weekday routine is a layer of foundation, eyebrow pencil and mascara. Some days I even go bare. The skin's gotta breathe you know ;)