Monday, February 26, 2007

Ban Fast Food Advertisements?
Do you really think banning fast food ads will stop people from consuming fast food? Are you out of your boring freaking mind? The person(s) behind such stupidity really puts the nation in a bad light. It really makes us Malaysian seem as though we're totally incapable of making decisions for ourselves, and that we are in desperate need for people to tell us what to eat, what to watch, and how to dress!

Banning cigarette ads didn't stop people from smoking, did it? So how does banning fast food ad stop consumers from eating fast food, you doinks!

Consumers should be educated about the nutritional content. Banning won't stop people from eating it, it will only make people want it MORE!

We all know too much of anything is bad for our health. Likewise, too much of fast food can result in higher cholesterol levels, weight gain etc etc. No one asked you to gorge yourself silly with burgers, fried chicken and pizza. The fast food ads never pressured anyone to run out and grab their food. If you're getting fat, it's because you're not living a healthy lifestyle. Don't blame the ads. Blame it on yourself for not practising moderate eating habits.

Printing the nutritional values on each type of food is a good practise though. I think all of USA is doing so, and I think we should adopt such method to educate consumers about what they're eating. Also, good eating habits start from home, so teach your kids how to eat right. Fast food is ok once a while, but not when you have it for every meal.

And if you THINK fast food is BAD, what about those kuih-muih sold by those roadside stalls? You think nasi lemak and nasi kandar very healthy ah? All the sirap sirap is so farking sweet ok! Go after the hawkers oso lah!

Moderation is the key. Banning isn't.