Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Bucktooth's Misadventure
Remember Bucktooth? He's the old fart in my condo that's made lotsa residents very sore at him. Heheheheheheh!

His latest adventure was erecting (no pun intended) a "la tuk gong" (a shrine) on common property (somewhere on a small plot of land within the vicinity of the condo). The problem was... he went and submit the proposal saying that the "chinese community" of the condo wanted the shrine to be built and claimed that HE represents the chinese community.


His moved caused a major uproar among many residents. Not only were residents were unaware of this proposal, Bucktooth also went around soliciting money from some residents asking them to chip in to build the shrine. Word got out that some 20 odd units chipped in. However, 20 odd units do not represent the majority of the community of 712 units.

Sometimes old farts like Bucktooth here really need a tough lesson. He's rude, he verbally abuses people, constantly pushing his weight around, threatening people, and keep saying the same line day in day out... "I'm XYZ Chairman!" (like a trained parrot)

My guess is... he started his own committee because he couldn't get his way while in the previous committee. He couldn't get the support he was looking for, especially his stupid money-making car wash business within the condo. In the end, he was asked to leave the committee. So resentment built up (damn sore old man hor), and Bucktooth decided to set up his own committee and elected himself as Chairman and started doing things his own way.

See lah, such old people. Self centered. Only know how to threaten, don't know how to act civilised langsung. Typical old school mentality. If I act like a gangster, people will be scared and bow to me!

Don't you just wish such people disappear into thin air?

You must be asking how come no one's stopping Bucktooth? Actually, many have confronted him about his actions. Yet his arrogance has gotten into his head. Anyway, a group of us are bringing legality into the matter and he knows he's in deep shit. Which explains why he's been MIA these days XD Scared liao, faster run and hide.

Bucktooth also has an accomplice. Another old fart. Hantu! He roams the area day and night. Patrolling, he claims. Hantu can pass off as some junkie man... hahahaha! Hantu's another issue here, talks cock all the time. Both retired old man with way too much time on their hands. Tsk~

Both of them are a major disgrace to the term 'senior citizens'.