Monday, February 5, 2007

How sucky can things get.
Throwing the task to someone else when you can jolly well handle it.
Plus the fact you know most of it compared to the rest of us.
No one knows what you're really doing.
Except that you go missing from time to time.
Leaving some of your team mates high and dry.
Oh yes, they told me what happened.
I really feel for them.
And the blurness you always potray.
People really wonder if you're really that blur or just putting an act.
Your ignorance on certain technology is bewildering.
Calling you "dumb" may sound a little mean.
But unfortunately, that's a fact that can't be denied.
To consider one coding language as another.
Oh wow, can you suprise us even more?
Probably the title's gone to your head *shrugs*
But if given a chance,
I would choose not to work with you.
Because it's pathetic to work with someone like you.
Really beh tahan.
Even the others can't stand you any longer.
We're just being patient.
But the others already know about the situation.
I'm going to find one day to say something as well.
If I were to make a comparison,
You really are below par when next to the others.
You make me feel as though I gotta listen to you.
You only know how to agree.
And throw it at us without questioning.
Just because your title has an extra to it.
Honestly, if I can...
I no longer want to work with you.
Cos I can't work with people I don't respect.
The end.