Friday, February 9, 2007

What Wo/Men Want
Last night, while relaxing on the couch, I turned the tv on and "What Women Want" was just about to start. So there I was watching the idiot box and observing the 4 remaining blokes (now down to 3)  trying to outdo each other to be "what women want".

If you've not heard of this programme, "What Women Want" is basically a reality tv show, an 8TV production. A group of Malaysian men put together, different challenges each week, a programme to also re-educate them about what women really want and bla bla bla bla... Sounds interesting? Oklarr....

My question was... if there's a reality show to find the ONE man that women REALLY WANT.... Shouldn't there also be a programme on "What Men Want"? I mean come on, relationships aren't about the woman ALONE. The man's also involved, right? So I think it's only fair that the guys get a fair chance to pick their type of women too, right?

Sure woman loved to be pampered, to have full attention, yada yada yada... But surely the men would also be looking for the same thing. It just wouldn't be fair if the guy's the one to always initiate things, be the thoughtful one etc. Relationships are a two-way thingy. Like the saying goes "it takes 2 to tango".

So, to all the guys out there who read my blog... What Do Men Want... when it comes to choosing a woman (for some, maybe man??)? (besides the obvious reasons like can cook a killer meal, nice boobies, smackable buttocks and all other physical/kinky attributes you can dream of :P). Personality? Charm? Come come, share share.