Monday, March 5, 2007

Cheesed Off + Personality Test
Yes, Oli's cheesed at some of the headlines in our media these days. Tsk!

1) Mat Skodeng
Another bright idea from some shallow minded individual. Sending snoops around to catch unsuspecting couples in embraces, then rewarding those snoops. So I guess many in Terengganu now are snooping around with their camera phones, snapping pictures of couples then blackmailing them. Ahhh~ the wonders of technology. Plus you get paid for it! So remember folks, the next time you decide to have a quickie, remember to keep your doors and windows sealed tight, and check to make sure there's no hidden camera around ;)

2) UMNO Youth proposes 30% Bumiputera quotes at all levels in the private sector (NST)
UMNO Youth recently lambasted at our Education Ministry, claiming that the ministry isn't looking after the many jobless bumi grads who has resorted to become taxi drivers because they failed to secure jobs in the private sector. UY also said that the ministry should assume reponsibility to ensure private sectors also hire locals first before considering foreigners. On top of that, the UY suggested that a 30% quote be implemented at all private sector levels to ensure bumi grads can secure jobs.

Oli's thoughts: Ok, all companies, regardless of private or government-backed, should consider local grads first, before turning their heads to foreigners. After all, local citizens should be getting priority, right? That's settled. However, did UY question why are bumi grads having difficulties in securing jobs in the private sector? Most private sector requires a good command of english (spoken and written). Something which many bumi grads have failed to grasp. You know what... I think this 30% quote thingy sucks. You know why? Because the bumis in this country have quota to just about everything already. Just because they can't find jobs, the government will force private sectors to implement a necessary 30% quota. I won't delve in this topic further, lest the ISA come after me XD


Life as an ISFJ (Introvert, Sensor, Feeler, Judger)

People of this type tend to be: cautious, gentle, and thoughtful; hesitant until they know people well then affectionate and caring; very literal and aware of the physical world; uncompromising about personal standards and easily offended; diligent and conscientious, organized and decisive.

The most important thing to ISFJs is living a stable, predictable life and helping people in real ways.

How to Love an ISFJ

  • Appreciate the many things (large and small) that I do to make our home a warm and comfortable place to live.
  • Appreciate my common sense, practical and steady approach to life.
  • Listen attentively and respectfully. Give me time to think about things before expecting me to respond.
  • Respect my need to spend time by myself, or to just be with you.
  • Be sensitive to, and don't force me to defend, my feelings.
  • Above all - Notice and acknowledge my hard work and commitment to our family's needs.
How to Spot ISFJs:
  • quiet, private and modest
  • hard working, conscientious and serious
  • gentle, thoughtful and sensitive
  • careful dressers with an eye for color and comfort
Tips for Communicating with ISFJs:
  • Speak clearly and slowly; respect their privacy
  • Be explicit and map out the steps and details of your ideas
  • Honor your commitments and be prompt and thoughtful
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