Tuesday, March 27, 2007

DiGi Yellow Coverage Fellows (YCFs)

Picture from The Star Online

Was reading this news this morning, and it's such a sweet story. Little Rachel from Tmn Megah wrote to DiGi's YCFs recently and her wish was very simple: To meet to YCFs and follow her to school. And she got her wish yesterday :D

2 YCFs turned up at her house and accompanied the cute girl to school, much to the amazement (and possibly, envy!) of her schoolmates. Oh, and they also did the "boing-boing" dance!

I actually read about DiGi's branding some time last week in the business section. A certain figure in the advertising field commented about DiGi's successful campaign using the YCFs and the impact it has made in the market. The article also commented about DiGi receiving written requests from the public, asking the YCFs to make an appearance (little Rachel's case was one of those highlighted).

I think the DiGi campaign is very nicely done. The tune is easy to remember (I will follow you). Very simple idea of branding. The concept is very well presented (dressing chubby men up in bright yellow). Plus you don't even have to put your logo anywhere. The colour yellow says it all.

And I hope DiGi will continue it's commitment to providing better services to its customers. No doubt DiGi had lost out on the 3G and WiMax license (which is quite disappointing). Never the less, DiGi has proven to the market that it can prevail and continue to expand its operations and provide better coverage + services.

DiGi has come a long way since it first stated out. I've been a DiGi user since 1999, and although when I first got this line, DiGi's coverage was rather weak compared to a more prominent telco (I had on several occasions thought of switching to another operator), DiGi has improved tremendously. And I hope they will continue to provide better services to all its customers.

P/S: How about the YCFs give me & hubby a tour of DiGi's office @ Glenmarie? I've heard and seen pics that D' House is a very nice office XP