Friday, March 16, 2007

This morning, while walking to our car at LG2, I spotted a neighbour of ours looking up and down at her car and talking on the phone. Which got me wondering... "What is she doing?!" Then we realised she was having some car problems and was actually trying to find the latch to open the front bonnet (turns out Peugeot's latch works a wee bit different from local/Japanese cars. Tssskkkk~)

Being neighbours, of course we must tolong-menolong, kan? Ignore the fact I would be late to work on a sunny Friday, but a neighbour and friend is in need of our help ;P So anyway, hubby managed to help get the bonnet up, and then asked our neighbour to try starting her car (cos she said she tried starting a few times, but to no avail). We also called another neighbour up and checked with him about the possibilities of the car battery being dead (since he's more pro when it comes to cars and such). Just as suspected, the battery KOed.

Also, the neighbour told us her car is actually overdue for the next service, so I guess her luck on trying to stretch the battery's lifespan has reached the limit (she said she's been so busy, until no time to service her car).

Fortunately for her, we were on the way out when she desperately needed help. We borrowed jumpstart cables from another neighbour and did the magic start. Aaahhh~ The sweet sounds of the engine coming to life! Did you know Peugeot engines are pretty silent? Eheheheheh!

We also advised her to drive to the service centre immediately and don't stop anywhere XD

On another note, my colleagues and I visited another colleague and his wife at Pantai Medical Centre this afternoon. They're proud parents to a lovely baby boy! Congrats again! :D