Thursday, March 15, 2007

Of Babi Guling and Scoring As
Ok, so SPM results are finally out and once again the media splashes big big headlines big enough to drown you. So and so got 19As... wah so proud got so many As... ambition is to be a doctor/lawyer.


Then, some minister suggestion to cap the number of subjects students can sit during SPM, which is a good idea because honestly, taking 19 subjects is an utter waste of time. Scoring straight As doesn't mean you're a smart person. Academically you may be brilliant. But there's more to life than academics. Sure, As could probably get you a spot in a good university. But after that, those alphabets aren't gonna be much use anymore.

The other day, the media reported some fella lost what... 300 certificates? Wahliao! So many certs? And it was reported that those certs are like his UPSR cert, extra-curriculum certs etc? Errr... hello? No one really cares about what you did as an extra-curricular activity? Ok, so you're a boy scout... Do you have soft skills to boot? Anyway, you get the picture.

Hmmm... suddenly babi guling popped into my head. Suddenly I miss Bali :P