Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tiga Ratus Pahlawan Yang Berani Mati (WTF!)
*spoilers ahead*

In case you don't already know, this is the sad translation of the movie title '300'.
Hubby and I caught the movie yesterday, and we both thought it was awesome. No doubt it's typical male and gore (Fight! Fight! Die! Die! Arggghhh!), it's also about Greek history, something which we both didn't really read much about.

I read the reviews prior to watching the movie last night. Most reviews were so-so, calling it a typical war movie and men being "real men" (read: I fight with you, you fight with me, only the strong will live to tell the tale). Some spoke very highly about it, especially since just about the entire movie was filmed with the blue screen at the background.

Now I'm not much of a historical buff, but the movie '300' is about Leonidas, King of Sparta, leading a brave group of 300 of his finest men into battle against the invading Persians, led by their king Xerxes. This movie takes about loyalty, bravery and love.

Now I don't know if Xerxes is really that gayish IRL, but hell, I reckon he would need at least 4hours to put on/remove all those bling-blings on him everyday XD Xerxes leads his Persian army of several hundred thousand in attempt to conquer Sparta. I think he's quite a flamboyant king, what with all the bling-blings and party troops in his tent. Plus the fact he kept throwing the Spartans all sorts of dark magic and horrendous looking creatures from the "deepest darkest corners of Asia". Dey! Since when Asia got so many weird looking monsters hah?!

Leonidas was one cool leader. His love for Sparta led him to this battle, to defend his country and people. Eventhough he was going against the words of the Oracle (young prancing maidens in drunken states with erected nipples) and the Ephors (fugly old fucks filled only with lust and greed), he knew it was something he cannot avoid.

And in every heroic story, there's bound to be a betrayar. And in history (and movie), this character is Ephialtes (sounds like Encephalitis). This bugger is a hunchback of Notre Dame looking character in the movie (I don't know about IRL) who, after feeling shunned by Leonidas, kneeled before Xerxes and led the enemies to a secret path to defeat the Spartans. Now this is what you call a traitor, "yee-mm-zhai". Show him a little bit of flesh, this bugger went bonkers and submitted to evil.

If you haven't seen the movie, go check it out. I don't think you'll be disapointed. it's not as gory as some had described it. I mean, come on, even LOTR had some knife welding, chopping of heads and limbs scene. Oh, did I mention that Faramir from LOTR is also in the movie '300'? The actor that played Faramir plays 'Dilios' in the Sparta move.

Let's not forget the pre-requisite for actors of this movie : Thou must have washboard abs!!!