Wednesday, March 21, 2007

To Pink : A Dedication

You run to the door when you hear the locks rattling.
You let out a pitiful meow in hopes someone can hear you.
You rub yourself against our feet as your way of greeting us.
Welcoming people into your home.

You give us a cheeky look when you want to play.
And we start to play catch, your favourite game.
Sometimes you try to hit us with your cute paws.
Or land right on our bellies with all fours O.O *ooofff*

Eventhough you belong to Sam & John,
I considered you my pet as well.
For I took care and watched over you when your owners were away.
Making sure you're well fed and will never go hungry.

I remember how you like kisses on the nose.
And body rubs on the back.
And how you like the chew on the cinammon stick.
The one I used to kacau your tail with.

I remember how hubby chased you around the house.
And got your fur all rilled up *haha*
Somehow you loved rubbing yourself on his toes.
And a soft contented purr will follow.

I still remember the first day I saw you.
You were a skinny kitty, rescued from a starving death.
Sam and John had saved you from the depths of hell.
And gave you lotsa love and care, a new lease in life.

It was unfortunate that your little life was so short.
A tragic news on a lovely day.
Oh how gloomy the day became...
That I will no longer here your little bell ring.

All pets go to heaven, that I really believe.
And I truly hope you will find happiness there.
For us here on earth, we can only pray.
You will always be in our hearts and memories.

Dearest Pink, my sweet Pink.
You were a wonderful cat, bringing life to the home.
You will always have a dear place in all our hearts.
Namo Amithaba. Rest in peace.