Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Blogsphere Is Changing~
*Note: This post is strictly the thoughts of Oli and Oli alone.

Blogs are popping up all over the place. And so many companies are jumping into the blog bandwagon. Even some hosting companies are providing blog services (i.e: Exabytes'

It's so easy for anyone to set up a blog. Just sign up for the service (most of which is free and spelt out for you, like Blogspot for instance... unless you're using programmes like Wordpress or MT which requires some configuration) and you're ready to blog.

Let's not forget that advertisers have begun to realise that blogs can help generate a certain percentage of revenue for them as well. The revenue may not be great, but the brand can get a certain degree of acknowledgement and awareness, especially among bloggers.

And what about the 2 newest competition: Nuffnang and Advertlets. These 2 have been creating much hoo-haa in blogsphere lately, not like I'm concern over them anyway. Basically, what these 2 do is, encourage bloggers to participate in their programme, and they'll get advertisers to advertise on the bloggers' blogs. In a way, it's promoting blogs to advertisers, at the same time helping bloggers generate some pocket money & publicity for both parties.

Yeap, blogsphere sure is changing. Now people are making money from their blogs. All sorts of ads appearing in blogs, cluttering the once empty spaces. Some bloggers could even be competing to see who can generate more traffic.

Gone were the days when blogging was merely something you do as a hobby/interest/for fun. Now... it's all about popularity, publicity and money.