Monday, April 9, 2007

Controversies ala Gaya Malaysia
Ah yes... another smart move from some smart-ass politician. You have to give it to our country. Only our politicians are capable of conceiving such brilliant ideas and plans. Build the longest bridge, the tallest towers, make the largest plate of nasi lemak. Only here can you really find such wonderful planning and opinions. Hey, if you can't ban them, then spy on them!

Ah yes... the Malaysia Boleh spirit. Now if all Malaysian bloggers were to register themselves, can you imagine the havoc? Can you? Can you? Huh? Huh? Huh?

On another note, the latest controversy to hit our shores is the Kota Damansara cemetery. Fuiyoh! This one is big big news lor... Imagine waking up on a nice sunny day, only to discover the land behind your backyard has been earmarked as the final resting place for the dearly departed. Wahahahhahaahaha!!!! Someone's been making a fool out us tax paying citizens!!!!

Terrible, isn't it? You bought your home and was promised a green lung. Furthermore, that green lung was gazetted under the law to remain as a green lung. But somehow, someone decided to twist his little fingers around that piece of green lung and said "Hey, we can do something with this land. Let's chop down all the trees. Trees don't take very long to grow back anyway!"

Mind you, the residents around that area are not against the cemetery, but they are against the way things were done and the process + people behind it. Obviously some parties are most likely getting a cut from this project (there are several other developments already planned by the way, without the residents even knowing about it). Kinda like how Bucktooth decided to erect his shrine in the condo I'm staying in without getting proper consent from the residents (and opening up a can of whoop-ass along the way too!).

Ahhh yes.... only in Malaysia~~~ When's the next election again ah? *tsk*

*Oli's thoughts: Oli thinks that cemeteries that cater to burial should be located far far away from residential areas, because sheread somewhere before that as the body decomposes, chemicals from the body will be released into the soil and may contaminate certain resources.